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  • Lacy Hopkins

    Licensed Massage Therapist


    Lacy is a highly skilled and passionate massage therapist, having graduated from TERESA'S School of Therapeutic Massage in 2005 and has been actively working in the profession since.

    Her favorite massage modalities include therapeutic deep tissue and combo massages, which combine the benefits of therapeutic Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Lacy firmly believes that this approach is highly effective in providing relief and aiding in recovery.

    Outside of her professional life, Lacy enjoys a range of hobbies that brings her joy and fulfillment. She love immersing herself in the great outdoors through camping trips and fishing finding solace and tranquility amidst nature. In the kitchen, Lacy channels her creativity into cooking, experimenting with different flavors and techniques to create delicious meals. Above all, spending quality time with her family is a priority and a source of immense happiness for Lacy.

    With her expertise, genuine care, and dedication to her clients' well-being, Lacy strives to provide a professional and transformative massage experience. Her aim is to promote healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation for all those who seek professional and therapeutic massage therapy.


    Practing Deep tissue therapy, Swedish, Combination, Prenatal and hot stone for 15+ years.